The Pilates method is an exercise system designed to strengthen the core abdominals muscles that stabilize the spine. It was developed by Joseph Pilates during World War I to help rehabilitate soldiers returning from the war. Pilates based movement emphasizes relaxation, coordination, breathing, centering, concentration, alignment, flowing movements and stamina.

Benefits of Pilates

  1. Enhances body awareness and mind-body connection

  2. Strengthens abdominals, spine, and upper and lower body

  3. Movements result in long, lean muscles versus bulk

  4. Targets your core muscles serving to mitigate low back pain

  5. Improves bone density

  6. Improves joint mobility

  7. Improves posture and efficiency of movement to decrease fatigue

Current research shows that before moving the limbs, people with healthy backs automatically activate their core muscles first. In contrast, people with back pain tend to lack a well-coordinated core abdominal system, which can prolong pain and dysfunction. To be safe and effective, core muscle strengthening exercises require proper alignment and specific progression from one exercise to the next.

Your program will:

  1. Be diagnosis specific and tailored to your current condition and ability level

  2. Be created to meet your targeted strength, flexibility, and performance goals

  3. Build upon traditional pilates work by integrating other mind body therapies and movement principles

  4. Integrate the latest findings in orthopedic, sports and dance medicine to offer you the most up to date, comprehensive, and evidenced based treatment possible

Pilates is an excellent complement to other forms of exercise.

If you are a yogi, your ligaments may be a little lax from the repetition of certain poses.  If you jog or run, your legs may get all the attention. And, if you sit at a desk all day or stoop down to pick up children your body needs movement that counteracts your most common, repetitive patterns.  Adding pilates to your daily routine adds variety and is a form of cross training that can help decrease your chance of injury.

I strive to offer each patient a heightened sense of body awareness through movement-based education in order to enhance your lifestyle activities and prevent future injuries.

Sessions take place at:

Pilates on Kerbey
3701 Kerbey Lane
Austin, TX 78731

For more information about pilates, please contact Vanessa.