yet another reason to exercise...


another new study showing the benefits of exercise on memory - from the NY Times

we already know that exercise can remodel the brain, positively affect thinking, and slow the progression of dementia. now a new study has identified the hormone irisin, which is released during exercise, can lessen brain damage and memory loss in dementia and alzheimers. the study was done on mice but can likely be applied to humans as well.

so do your yoga, do your pilates, go dancing, take a walk, be active!

sxsw wellness expo 2018


I was super excited to attend the first ever wellness expo at the annual SXSW festival here in Austin, Texas. My 7 year old daughter tagged along and we (well, me) were hoping to have a chance to have our auras photographed. unfortunately, all the slots were full but we did get to check out of lots of interesting wellness gear, breathe in flavored oxygen, test out vibration plates, find a new favorite facial mist by biossance, and take a quick yoga class from Yoga with Adriene. I was also entraced by the peace box – a shipping container converted into a traveling guided meditation space. We cannot wait to return next year!